The Application Design Bureau develops I&C system designs for customers based on RadICS Platform technology. The systems design work includes the system architecture, the Application Electronic Designs, and hardware that implement customer function requirements. The design work is based on using the RadICS Platform Development Tools and RadICS Application Function Block Library.

The Application Design Bureau works with the customer to understand the operational and maintenance problems to be solved with the modernization project. They work with the customer to develop upgrade schedules and implementation plans for system modernizations. They develop solutions that satisfy the customer requirements and any installation constraints.

The Application Design Bureau utilizes the unique features of the RadICS Technology to optimize the system architecture and surveillance testing requirements. The use of pre-approved solutions from the RadICS Topical Report minimize regulatory risks. They work with the customer to incorporate any functional upgrades and configure the alarming, diagnostics, and monitoring features of the RadICS Platform.

The Application Design Bureau is committed to providing modernization solutions that satisfy the high safety standards for nuclear safety systems with RadICS technology that meets the high reliability requirements of nuclear power plant operators with operational and maintenance benefits that lower their lifecycle operating costs.