Verification and Validation

Radics LLC implements a rigorous approach to verification and validation (V&V) in compliance with widely recognized international standards. The Verification Department performs verification activities on the hardware and electronic design documents prepared by the Application Design Bureau. The Validation and Commercial Grade Dedication Department performs validation testing of RadICS Platform-based systems. These two departments are technically, administratively, and financially independent from the Application Design Bureau.

Proven V&V tools are used whenever possible over manual methods to eliminate human error. The above tools are purchased only from well-established vendors with a good track record of configuration management, V&V, problem notification and resolution, and support and training materials. All commercial software-based tools used for V&V are tested in accordance with the Radics LLC Quality Assurance Plan.

The Radics LLC approach to V&V ensures that RadICS Platform systems developed for nuclear power plants are high quality products that meet customer and regulatory requirements.