RadICS is a digital safety I&C Platform designed and qualified to meet the most rigid international nuclear requirements. RadICS is modern I&C platform that was first implemented into a commercial nuclear facility in 2011. It is certified to SIL 3 in a single channel configuration and was approved by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for use in safety related systems at U.S. nuclear facilities.

RadICS is a digital platform based on field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology that is easily adapted to configure different architectures and safety applications. RadICS advanced technology is incorporated in more than 100 safety and control systems in operating nuclear power plants and research reactors.

The Platform consists of general-purpose building blocks that can be used to implement project-specific functions and systems. The system size and architecture are scalable and flexible to fit the typical systems arrangements in operating traditional NPPs, as well as new systems in small modular reactors (SMR) and advanced reactors (AR).

The RadICS Platform incorporates a unique diversity strategy that addresses common cause failure vulnerabilities and does not require a separate actuation system. The self-testing and diagnostic coverage of the system is better than 99%. The fundamental architecture of the RadICS Platform consists of a single instrument chassis containing a logic module, and up to 14 other I/O and fiber-optic communication modules, each based on the use of FPGA chips as computational engines.

From implementing our first nuclear engineering project to the delivery of large-scale systems Radics LLC and our parent company RPC Radiy have jointly accumulated valuable experience of more than 25 years and installed more than 55 safety systems that meet the most rigid nuclear requirements. All those projects were the successful stories of how to meet the project goals and supply state-of-the-art-technology to the most demanding global customers.